About Us

With the pressure of maintaining a certain social image and the demanding life of social media and social circles, we are looking to make high-end designer items available for people at a bargain so they get to enjoy the benefits of the craftsmanship and quality for a lower price at their own convenience. We would also be providing our customers with an outlet to consign their pre-loved pieces, make money to finance their next shopping spree and/or donate to support our local community's different charities and NGOs.

Working in the fashion industry for several years has given us insight on the amount of waste and the impact it has on our environment. Waste comes from individuals, stores, designers, as well as factories even though, 95% of the trashed items can be used, re-worn or recycled. With the urgency and criticality of the environmental issues and protecting our planet, being conscious of the choices we make every single day has become a moral imperative especially in a field where wearing the same piece twice is frowned upon. Buying high quality pre-owned products will bring us one step closer to promoting sustainability.